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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
The ability to innovate business processes and the time to implement the changes depends on the availability, flexibility, and adaptability of information systems.

SOA is a software architecture designed to deliver services (data and functionality) that can be used by external applications independent of the programming language and operating system.
The service-oriented architecture allows to put a common factor among the various application areas of the information systems, the "core" services and functions of which business processes are based on. It consists of enabling a real catalog of elementary services which, suitably orchestrated by the application layers above, streamline and create a greater efficiency in the development of new applications and adapting existing ones.

  SSB Progetti provides expertise and experience through consultancy and support for the development of SOA, preferring the use of open standards and languages (XML / SOAP, WSDL, WSS, UDDI), methodologies for the orchestration of services (BPEL) and reliable technology infrastructure for deployment (Oracle, IBM, JBoss)  
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Service Oriented Architecture
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