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MediaStream is the ideal solution for the distribution of multimedia content in real-time over the network, in a simple and effective way.

MediaStream is the ideal solution for the distribution of multimedia content in real time, in a simple and effective way.
The strength of the product resides in his modularity, it's divided into modules and optimized in relation to the functionality required.
Composing the modules you can build the system that exactly will satisfy your requirements.
Media Stream is positioned at the bottom of the video production chain, receiving stream directly from the video equipment (cameras, mixer, etc.).
Punti di forza della soluzione Strengths of the solution
At the base of the MediaStream solution there is experimentation and design carried out as part of a research project developed together with the Politecnico of Turin. SSB Progetti has further refined and transformed this project into a "custom" product, easy to configure and manage.

The main strengths are:
  • Expandability: a modular solution, adaptable to user needs
  • Efficiency: Limited system resources required (1 GB of RAM grants 300 concurrent streaming connections)
  • Flexibility: different type of video sources can be connected to the system, and they can be positioned anywhere on the network. That is due to the fact that the acquisition and distribution server can reside on a portable computer and thus it can be easily located close to the events to be recorded and transmitted.
  • Cost-effectiveness: the solution is based on open source operating systems and components, thereby eliminating licensing costs of the basic software.

Elements that characterize Media Stream

This product has features that distinguish it from competitors:
  • it is an "open" product, so it can be extended and integrated into existing platforms;
  • it has a "buffering" function: when connecting with your display device, though with few minutes delay after the beginning of the stream, the integral vision of the transmission is guaranteed;
  • it provides the opportunity to generate real-time streaming files with different resolutions and "bitrate", for use on heterogeneous devices (smartphones, tablet PCs, etc..) regardless of the different bandwidth availability.
Punti di forza della soluzione Product Specifications
MediaStream is made up of three basic components, that starting from the available video sources such as cameras or mixers, make streams available to all devices connected to the network.

Flux is the component designed to manage the RTP streams, allowing the mix, cloning, synchronization, scalability, and the coding of video.
It also represents the input interface to the streaming component server (Feng), which in-turn realizes the distribution of multimedia content to the client.
The third component of the solution, called Theater is the application that allows you to make accessible on the web, multimedia content originating from Feng. Associating metadata (author, title, description, etc..), generating thumbnails and allowing the reproduction through the most common "players" multimedia that support protocols RTSP / RTP.

The following figure shows the components of MediaStream.


Supported Codec
The module "Feng" supports the following encryption standards:

  • MPEG Audio (MPEG-1/2 Layer I / II / III) (rfc2250)
  • Vorbis (rfc5215)
  • AAC (MPEG-4 Part 3) (rfc3640)
  • MPEG Video (MPEG-1/2) (rfc2250)
  • MPEG-4 Visual (MPEG-4 Part 2) (rfc3016)
  • H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10) (rfc3984)
  • H.263 / H.263 + (rfc4629)
  • Theora