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Digital Signage: a way to communicate with people through the distribution and playback of digital content on screens and other display devices for public viewing.

MediaLiveNet is an advanced platform for Digital Signage that allows you to easily build program schedule for information and multimedia content and display it on the air in real time, with one click, on all monitors and totems of the information network.
With MediaLiveNet you can display text content, images and videos. In the one multilayered information window, you can integrate content from existing web applications, customized flash applications, external sources like twitter and rss feed, video streaming in real time.


It's possible to manage "proximity communication campaigns" at no additional cost, by sending personalized messages via bluetooth to mobile users who are in proximity of the information points.

MediaLiveNet grasps the attention and the perception of the user with greater efficiency and much higher return on investment with respect to traditional printed information material.

Where is it used ?
  • Shops, malls, stores
  • Airports, Railways
  • Museums, tourist locations, hotels
  • hospitals, clinics
  • Public Offices
  • Conferences, exhibitions and events
  • Business office, meeting rooms

Why is it used ?
  • Provide information and practical indications
  • Promote products and services
  • Strengthening the brand name
  • Improve the waiting experience
  • Information campaigns
Punti di forza della soluzione Strengths
MediaLiveNet supplies a new outlook in the way to communicate with the public, and thanks to the effectiveness and immediacy of use, ensures rapid installation and "broadcast" for a quick return on investment.
  • Effectiveness: multimedia and messaging on cellular phones, attract more people's attention compared to traditional forms of communication based on paper. The contents are tailored for the user context
  • Capillarity: the info point may be geographically distributed
  • Flexibility: the communication can be changed over time and can be customized for single info point
  • Entertainment: improves the quality of waiting time, relieving the feeling of "wasting time"
  • Promotion: improves the image of the product or the service perceived by customers, highlighting peculiarities, that might not emerge from traditional posters or brochures
  • Efficiency: reduces time and costs in processing and distributing marketing material or information
  • Consistency and organization: the definition and publication of content is managed by a central director that has always the complete control of all points of dissemination
Punti di forza della soluzione Technical Specifications
The dynamic content supported are standard and of high quality, so that the system is compatible with video, audio and text most used by professionals in communication and digital media.
  • Remote terminals can be equipped with monitors, monitors and bluetooth devices, bluetooth only
  • Digital format: Image (jpg / png / bmp / gif), video (wmv/avi/mpg/mp4)
  • Other contents type: Web pages, RSS feeds, tweet, Flash Apps
  • Support of video streams in real-time
  • Customizable graphical layouts
  • Multi-screen support
  • Planning sequences of Bluetooth messages with "multi-zone" management
  • Scheduled or real time content distribution and playing
  • Automatic multi-device content distribution
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Statistics of the effectiveness of campaigns

MediaLiveNet Director - Content Management System
MediaLiveNet Director is the heart of the system which provides the information contents. It is a web portal, whereby the user, through his browser, can easily upload contents, edit multilayered graphic windows layout, program messages campaigns and schedule the contents playing.
The director user has always under control the network of remote point of information via a dashboard that, in real time, is able to provide the preview of the programming.
With MediaLiveNet you are able to plan and organize the content to be played on each info point, either in real time or scheduled. It's possible to program the schedule of each device or group of them through an easy and intuitive interface, indicating the start and end days, the start and end times, and other specific parameters.

Screen for insertion of contents

Screen for the definition of the schedule

Additional Components
Punti di forza della soluzione Bluetooth Messaging - The proximity marketing
Thanks to the Bluetooth Messaging component it's possible to send to mobile phones that are located near the terminal, text messages, video clips, pictures and custom mobile app.

Communication with mobile phones is completely free. Unlike traditional channels (TV, email, SMS) the message can be tailored to the context and to the location where the user is situated. Proximity communication permits, following the messaging, an action aimed at establishing a contact.
MediaStreaming MediaStream
MediaStream is the ideal solution for the distribution of multimedia content in real-time over the network, in a simple and effective way.
MediaStreaming SMS Messaging
People can send SMS through mobile phones and view the content published on the specific information point. This feature can be used in those contexts where the public is expected to interact actively with the information network.