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Foxwall Logbox
Measures and precautions required to holders of treatments carried out by electronic means in relation to the powers of the functions of a system administrator - November 27, 2008.
(G.U. No. 300 of December 24, 2008)

The scenario
  • The Ombudsman for Data Protection has issued an order (Official Gazette no. 300, December 24, 2008) that determines the manner in which the holders of personal data must manage and monitor the activities carried out by the System Administrator in the management of their information systems
  • Any private or public company, which performs processing of personal data by a computer system, has the obligation to take appropriate measures so that they register all access to computer resources made by the System Administrator
  • Records must be kept of access over time, ensuring their integrity, so that they can be seen by the data controller or by the authorities
The proposed solution
Foxwall Logbox is the solution that allows you to record all access to the System Administrator within your computer system.
These records shall be kept securely and can not be changed, as required by the Ombudsman.
Access to information is restricted exclusively to personnel responsible for data processing with web accessibility and in read-only mode.
Servizi base Strengths
Reliability, ease of installation, low maintenance, are all benefits of the technology contained in the solution presented.

In particular, here are some of its strengths:
  • Storage space suitable for the conservation of large volumes of information
  • Provides information access to authorized users determined by configurable policies
  • The use of the information is recorded through a web-based interface
  • Information and data can be exported via CSV and XML file format
  • The application is protected from intrusion and tampering, as the administration functions are only accessible by direct connection to the serial port of the appliance
Servizi aggiuntivi Features
Foxwall Logbox is a hardware device, with specific features for recording, data storage and management of logging files.

Its main features are:
  • Ability to monitor both Unix and Windows (through an Open Source agent)
  • Support the latest international standards, based on protocol "syslog" (via UDP and TCP connections)
  • Ensure the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of the information stored

The service
The service includes all activities necessary for the implementation of a system of "log management" in accordance with local regulations.
The service consists of the following steps:
  • Assessment and identification of the IT infrastructure systems for which it is necessary to monitor the access of the System Administrators (computer servers, workstations, etc.)
  • Definition of the System Administrators, definition of computer users (login) related to a physical identity and required consequent adjustments of the logic of assigning administrative rights
  • Supply and installation of Foxwall Logbox, the central unit that can receive over the network and store securely the registered access of the records from System Administrators
  • Adapting the systems to provide the Logbox registering access logging performed by System Administrators
  • Support and verification of compliance with the required requisites , and if any adjustment of the systems should be carried out by third parties (custom applications, systems for which are not in possession of the administrative credentials, etc..)