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What is "Security Posture"?
Security Posture measures the level of protection of a global system, with reference to the internal and external threats.

One of the most important security requirements for a company is the control of access to its computer network, to ensure that users can access internal resources (servers, applications, features, ..) according to their privileges and profiles.
In addition, the mobility of users and the use of external collaborators, makes it so the normal network perimeter defenses are sometimes overcome by threats such as viruses, worms and spyware transmitted just by casual users that connect with their devices to corporate networks. Thereby requiring that access to resources via terminals (PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile devices) occurs respecting the "Security Policy" provided by the company.

FoxGate is an integrated professional solution that allows you to manage the problems described above, ensuring high levels of security, customizable and configurable to suit your needs. It is offered as an "appliance" hardware with two pre-installed specific components illustrated below:
MediaLiveNet SSL Portal
The portal for accessing applications and resources within the company
MediaStreaming NAC
The solution for the verification of the "security posture"

FoxGate components
SSL Portal