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Financial Information Delivery
FID is a high-performance platform designed for Banks that wish to offer advanced financial information services to its customers which operate on domestic and international markets: real-time price data, references and descriptive data, returns, risk indicators, data history, watchlists, and virtual portfolio ...

The scenario
  • Financial information must be distributed over many applications / channels: numerous, heterogeneous both functional and technological
  • The sources of information and service offerings are varied and different from each other: the difficulty in making them accessible and integrated constraints often the needs of the business
  • Dependence of the flow of too narrow information by information providers does not allow you to have full control over strategic decisions in relation to technology and services offered to customers
  • The costs and the "time to market" that enable new applications and services are usually high and difficult to quantify
The solution
FID - Is a platform that provides data and information services to the financial channels and applications of the Bank.

FID is a "multi-provider", or more-so, allows to integrate and co-exist information data and services provided by various Financial Information Providers within a centralized information source.
It is " multichannel" as it is able to power applications of heterogeneous type, in both "pull" and "push"mode.

The advantages
  • Reduced time to market of the business initiatives that relate to financial reporting
  • Consistency of information distributed to the channels
  • Reduce operating costs and maintenance (centralization of services)
  • Rationalization of the purchase of services from information providers
  • Independence of applications from external Information Providers
Caratteristiche In summary
  • The management of various types of financial instruments, indices, stocks, bonds, foreign exchange, interest rates, derivatives
  • Availability of news (recent or historical) from external or internal providers, push or pull ("search" services)
  • Distribution of data in "pull" mode (synchronous responses) and "push" mode (asynchronous updates after subscription)
  • Availability of interface connectors for any data source (including custom), integrated into the solution
  • Availability of quote listing services 24/7 through a mechanism of "freezing" of the data at market close (for stocks, information providers, etc.)
  • High performance using techniques of data "caching"
  • Reliability and scalability guaranteed by architectures of "clustering" and "balancing" of the system components
  • The migration from one information provider to another or the addition of a new data source, is totally transparent to applications that use the services
  • Applications are independent from the source of information, thereby, who creates the applications need not possess specific know-how on the platforms of the information providers
Servizi base Basic services
The basic services are geared in finding and accessing data and are usable in pull and push mode.
  • Lookup Service - This class of service allows you to search for financial instruments by setting selection criteria:
    • General (name, ISIN, market, type, currency, etc.)
    • Specific type of instrument (the issuer, underlying, maturity, rating, etc.)
    • Bank specifics (personal internal codes, criteria of marketability, risk criteria, etc.)

  • Quote Service - This class of service allows you to get stock quotes and other detailed data from the markets (the last value, the closing price, quantity, bid, ask, levels of the book, etc..).
  • Chain Service - This service allows you to receive class composition and standard price listing (Dow Jones, FTSE 100, DAX 30, CAC 40, NASDAQ 100, etc.) from enabled markets.
  • History Service - This class of service allows you to find the time series of the main financial parameters of listings (high, low, volume, etc..) "daily" and "intraday" through the implementation of appropriate search keys ( period, sampling, etc..).
  • News Service - This class of service allows you to receive or seek news, current or historical, from financial channels or press agencies via external or internal providers.
Servizi aggiuntivi Advanced services
These services which can be integrated into the basic configuration, are the result of post-processing data which make it possible to enrich applications to custom functionality
  • Best & Worst - Services that return lists of financial instruments that have had the best/worst performance throughout the trading day.
  • Alert - Services that offer its customers the opportunity to receive a message if the price of a stock exceeds the predefined threshold value preset.
  • Watchlist - Services that offer its customers the ability to define and manage virtual Holdings.
Hardware e Soluzioni di utilizzo Technology
The architecture of FID allows to decouple applications from proprietary platforms of information providers.

The services are presented in accordance with modern standards for interoperability (SOAP) or made available through Java APIs for high performance.

The FID Service Broker features an internal cache, to reduce the access to data sources. The cache is updated independently by the influx of markets.

The "clustering" is of "real" type, or more-so the FID Service Brokers nodes cooperate with each other in a "peer to peer" without "single point of failure". The nodes are hot swappable and hot pluggable, they can be added or removed without interruption to the operation of the system.

FID incorporates a centralized financial instruments databases, powered by the integration and normalization of reference and descriptive data originated from internal and external providers. Loading process can be synchronous and asynchronous, depending on the source data available. This allows you to implement pre-processing logic, data consistency verification, atomic transactions management, and management of anomalies by tracking and event notifications.

Financial Information Delivery