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Enterprise Content Management
ECM means to create, collect and store the information in an organized and structured order, to improve and facilitate access to the data.

In recent years, companies have gained the conviction that their wealth is not the amount of information available internally as such, but rather the ability to make use of it effectively and efficiently.
It is thanks to the immediate availability of documents and information that the automation of content management and integration with various business systems, allows you to increase business efficiency.

  SSB Progetti, work with different ECM tools ,whether "proprietary" and/or "open-source" developing "turnkey" solutions, offering their expertise across diverse projects in the banking sector, communication media sector and also in some sectors of public administration  

The solutions, including information portals, devices and services, comply with W3C standards and regulations on accessibility and usability. Contents are directly updatable by the user through friendly interfaces, so that the system can be managed independently without periodic intervention of the supplier.

Expertise areas
Web technologies
Mobile Service & APP
Service Oriented Architecture
System Integration
Business Process Management
Enterprise Content Management

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